ECFS2022 Second Announcement

WWW.ECFS.EU/ROTTERDAM2022 45th EUROPEAN CYSTIC FIBROSIS CONFERENCE 8 Meetings TUESDAY 7 JUNE • ECFS Board Meeting* WEDNESDAY 8 JUNE • CF Global* • ECFS CTN Steering Committee Meeting* • ECFS CTN Training and Development* • ECFS CTN Training Research Coordinators* • ECFS Exercise Working Group Meeting* • ECFS Fungal Pathogens Working Group Meeting • ECFS International (Global) Cystic Fibrosis Registry Group* • ECFS Neonatal Screening Working Group Meeting • ECFS Nursing Special Interest Group Meeting** • ECFS Patient Registry Executive Committee Meeting* • ECFSPR Scientific Committee Meeting* • European Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy Group Meeting • European Cystic Fibrosis Nutrition Group Meeting** • European Psychosocial Special Interest Group (EPSIG) Meeting** • International Physiotherapy Group for Cystic Fibrosis (IPG/CF) Annual General Meeting* • IPG/CF Board Meeting* • Physiotherapy Case Presentations THURSDAY 9 JUNE • ECFS CTN Standardisation Committee Meeting* • ECFS CTN Inflammatory Biomarkers Meeting • CTN – CFF – TDN Meeting* • CF Europe Joint Project • ECFS Education Committee Meeting* • European Registry Definitions Group* • ECFS Patient Registry – Meeting for Interested Parties • ECFS Patient Registry Software Training (ECFS Tracker 2) • ECFS Standards of Care Group Meeting* • CFTR2 project* • Journal of Cystic Fibrosis (JCF) Editorial Board Meeting* • Pulmonary Exacerbation Working Group Meeting* • UKCFMA Meeting* FRIDAY 10 JUNE • ECFS Annual General Meeting* • ECFS CTN LCI (Lung Clearance Index) workshop • ECFSDiagnostic NetworkWorking GroupMeeting • ECFS Mental Health Working Group Meeting* • ECFS Patient Registry Steering Group Meeting* • ECFS Patient Registry Software Training (ECFS Tracker 2) • ECFS Patient Registry Round Table for Companies* • ECFS Physiotherapy Special Interest Group Meeting SATURDAY 11 JUNE • NCFS National Meeting: ​ How close is the future for all with CF • ECFS Scientific Committee Meeting – Vienna 2023* * Closed meeting ** Extra registration required The meetings are subject to change.