ECFS2022 Second Announcement

WWW.ECFS.EU/ROTTERDAM2022 8 - 11 JUNE 2022 / ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS 7 Pre-Conference Courses NEW! DISCUSSING SEX AND INTIMACY WITH PATIENTS WITH CF IS NOT ‚OPENING A BOX OF PANDORA‘, BUT ‚RE-OPENING A BOX OF PLEASURE‘!** (Limited Seating) Tuesday 7 June – All day Based on the idea that ‚nothing is quite so practical as a good theory‘ (Lewin), this interactive (!) workshop aims to introduce a generic conceptual framework that: a) is helpful to determine how CF and sexuality are related, and b) provides leads and clues you can use in your clinical practice. Moreover, you will get acquainted with (new) vocabulary and ideas to discuss sexual issues, problems and worries. Finally, you will be inspired to think about your personal responsibility and capabilities to discuss sexuality and intimacy with the people you care for. If time allows, we will also play a ‚game of goose‘ that is helpful to see how CF impacts relational and sexual development in the context of a family. In sum, this workshop is what you need to see how easy it is to discuss sexuality in your daily practice. ** Extra registration required MANAGING CHALLENGING CONVERSATIONS – A SIMULATION-BASED MASTERCLASS FOR TRAINEES AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS WORKING WITH PERSONS WHO LIVE WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS** (Limited Seating) Tuesday 7 June - All day The overall aim of this course is to enhance effective communication skills for medical trainees and health professions who work with persons living with Cystic Fibrosis. Due to the nature of cystic fibrosis, patients can present a unique and often challenging range of situations for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to manage. Training in this area is often not easily facilitated in the clinical arena. Simulation can offer training and development in a safe learning environment. This course will provide trainee, early career medics and other HCPs with experiential experience in how best to manage some of these challenging conversations. This course will provide trainee HCPs with experience in how best to manage situations involving challenging conversations. The course is intended for medical trainees specialising in working with persons with CF, with the intended impact of this masterclass to enhance the skills of trainee or earlier career HCPs in managing challenging encounters with persons living with CF.