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It is our great pleasure to invite you to Milan to attend

the 16th European AIDS Conference organised by the

European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS).

We have the pleasure to welcome you to Milan, the Italian capital of fashion

and business. It is a vibrant city where history meets with modernity and

constitutes one of the main centres of science and medicine in Italy. It is a

magnetic point for designers, artists, photographers and is renowned for its

arts and culture. The MiCo – Milano Congressi – not only will serve as a top-

quality, modern congress venue, but it is also located in the centre of the city.

Since the last time EACS was organised in Milan 27 years ago, HIV has

undergone major and significant changes with the “normalisation” of HIV

infection with a life expectancy approaching that of general population,

reduced transmission and universal antiretroviral therapy from diagnosis.

However, there are still many challenges and this conference will address

many of these issues including: long-term effectiveness of drugs, co-infections

with TB or viral hepatitis and other co-morbidities, and most importantly

inequitable access to care across Europe. We also face many new emerging

challenges in Europe, with increasing migration, disruption of healthcare

services and drug supply chains, gender issues, and the need to implement

widespread community testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis strategies.

As a special feature, we are happy that the 19th International Workshop on

Co-morbidities & Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV is affiliated with this EACS

Conference to stimulate synergies in addressing issues concerning long-term

care which are of common interest.